This is not an ACL project Problem, My Solution

I was greeted by the unpleasant message “This is not an ACL project” from a dialog box after I tried opening an ACL Analytics 11 project and had selected Working from the earlier dialog box that welcomed me when I opened the project.

ACL Analytics This is not an ACL project

This is a message I haven’t seen before, but I just suspected the ACL project file was somehow corrupted. I quickly searched for solutions online, but not a single search contained my search terms “This is not an ACL project”, even using the almighty Google. Then it dawned on me that it is a problem that hardly happens or people just forget about it and move on.

This is what I tried and worked for me.

  1. I opened ACL Analytics, created a new project in the same location and with the same name as the corrupted project file and confirmed the old file should be replaced.
  2. I opened the log file, by double-clicking on it from the Overview tab or by simply clicking on the Log tab, and selected the entire project history log entries by checking the box beside the Project History root node of the log entries. Right click to copy the scripts from the logs.
  3. I added a script file, through File > New > Script…, you may rename the file Recover from its default name of New_Script, but this is entirely optional. Next, I pasted the log entries into the script file.
  4. Finally, I run the script, answered yes for the old files to be replaced on disk.

This worked for me for a couple of reasons highlighted below.

  1. I had the entire log entries for the project since I had not deleted any entries throughout the inception of the project.
  2. The source data, such as Excel files, I had imported were still at the same locations where I had earlier imported them. As you can obviously imagine, if you did import some files on removable drives and those are not plugged in with the same drive letter assigned by the operating system when following this approach, then you will not have a smooth process as I did.

Good luck recovering your ACL Analytics project.


4 thoughts on “This is not an ACL project Problem, My Solution

  1. Thanks a lot for the advice.This has really been helpful. Had similar issue as you and this is the first solution I have seen. Great Work.

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